Duracrete Underground 25,000 Litre (5500 Gallons) Water Tank


The Duracrete underground  25,000L tank is suitable for buried installations with light mower traffic and a maximum of 900mm ground cover.


Technical Information



Application 1

Duracrete under ground tanks can be completely buried and covered over with 300mm of topsoil. The roof of the tank is designed for loadings of light vehicles of 2500kg. (Please note a fully laden contractors van is likely to exceed this weight and should not be parked on tank)



Application 2

Duracrete under ground tanks can be completely buried and covered with 900mm of topsoil.  In this application the roof of the tank is designed for foot traffic and light loadings only. (The heavier layer of 900mm of topsoil reduces the amount of weight the roof can take) 




Note: The Manhole Riser Lid is not designed for traffic loading and should not be driven on. If this is required a cast iron manhole lid can be requested at time of order and an extra charge will apply.


Why Buy A Duracrete Water Tank



  • Peace of Mind. We are specialists in making concrete tanks. Family owned business based in Whangarei since 1965 - as Garry Concrete, now as Duracrete. Our business is built on our reputation for quality products, expertise and friendly service.
  • Savings - If building, Duracrete Tanks and Clean Stream Sewage Systems are your “One Stop Shop” – Two Solutions /One Supplier/ One Delivery = Cost Savings.
  • Flexibilty. Our high strength tanks are designed for many applications – providing choice to the homeowner.
  • Durability. Duracrete concrete tanks are high strength, - yet stylish products
  • All Sectors. Suitable for industrial, agricultural, horticultural and domestic situations



For Dependability

Concrete has been used over many centuries, as far back as Roman times and has proved to stand the test of time. During periods of disaster such as fire, flooding, cyclones or earthquake, drinking water is crucial for survival. Duracrete concrete tanks offer a secure water storage option.



Advantages of Duracrete Tanks

Provides a cool, clean and healthy environment for household water.

Will not fail in the event of fire

Does not need protecting from stock.

Does not require anchoring restraints in high wind areas.

Can be buried or partially buried in confined or restricted situations - Optimising use of available space

Manufactured from natural raw materials produced within New Zealand.


Standard Features

Convenient easy connection points

Bolted lid access for security

Clean out fitting for easy flushing


Download Duracrete Water Tank Brochure


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