Benefits of CleanStream TXR

Learn more about the benefits of CleanStream System by downloading the brochures here:

  • Performance Certificate
  • CleanStream vs Aerated Systems
  • Power / Running Costs
  • Installation Process
  • Technical-Information
  • The CleanStream TXR has no air blowers in system.  This means savings on running costs for the homeowner. View power comparisons
  • The service requirement for a CleanStream is once a year at $180 + GST (increasing to $200 + GST on 01/08/2020) – compared to two per annum for an aerated system.
  • These service charges compare favourably to some other brands which range between $180 – $300 per service.
  • The CleanStream is less sensitive to household fluctuations and misuse.  It is able to cope better with the effects of incorrect use.
  • The CleanStream is flexible and ideally suited for larger family homes and holiday home applications.
  • CleanStream’s sophisticated method of biological action and filtration equates to a higher quality effluent than aerated systems.  This results in less blocked Arkal Filters and allows optimum performance of the system.
  • CleanStream offers householders many benefits and savings yet, it is similarly priced to aerated systems on the market.
  • The CleanStream System has a small footprint does not take up much room.  This becomes important on small sections in particular where use of space is paramount.