CleanStream TXR

The CleanStream TXR is a complete, one tank textile media treatment system. Its multi-chambered design consists of 2 septic stages, a textile filter stage and irrigation and re-circulation stages. This third generation CleanStream system is our best yet. Learn more by viewing the downloads:

Features include:

  • 8400 litre total capacity
  • Emergency storage (without cross contamination – 3500 litres)
  • Alarm system (to notify the homeowner of any faults)
  • Comprehensive maintenance with prompt servicing to back it up.
  • The CleanStream TXR tank, roof and walls are constructed from galvanised steel reinforced concrete (70MPA at 28 days) and come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. The mechanical components of the system also come with a 2 year warranty.
  • The textile filter and recirculation stages are designed so that effluent is filtered multiple times through the textile media leading to much higher effluent quality than conventional aerobic systems.
  • Separate septic stages mean there is always a working septic tank even after periods of non use, this allows the system to stay in a relatively active state.
  • The system comes fully constructed, making installation a plug and play operation which provides for a faster turnaround while minimising installation problems.
  • Large emergency storage reduces problems during pump or power failure. The system has approximately 2.5 days of emergency capacity without cross contamination (based on typical flow through 1200L/day)