Duracrete Septic Tanks

Made for many years at Duracrete the septic tank is a tried and tested traditional method of wastewater collection and settling.

The principle of the septic tank is to provide collection of liquids and solids from the residence or building, allow settlement and anaerobic digestion of solids over a certain retention period (normally 4-days), prior to discharge into conventional land based disposal systems (such as trenches or beds)

Once the breakdown and digestion of the organic wastes takes place the septic tank either uses gravity (no power) to transfer primary screened liquids to the disposal area.

In some situations should the disposal area be above the septic tank, a small low cost pump can transfer the liquids to the higher point.

Take a look below at our Septic Tank range, the design process, who can supply and install it for you and answers to some questions that we are frequently asked.