Why Choose Redi-Rock?

Redi-Rock is a complete wall solution that uses interlocking concrete blocks to create strong, great-looking walls. Quick and easy to install, they’ll save you time and money.

Before using small blocks or gabion walls for your next road slip repair in New Zealand, imagine a different kind of solution with simple installation, natural-looking textures, and big enough blocks to build walls up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) without reinforcement.

With Redi-Rock’s large, precast modular blocks, delight customers with a retaining wall that won’t create huge excavation footprints or dig into property lines.

Most small block systems require geogrid reinforcement and deep excavations even for short retaining wall projects. But Redi-Rock’s massive weight and patented knob and groove technology allow you to create tall gravity walls when you have a tight job that backs up to the edge of a property line or house.

For technical information about the product, view the Redi-Rock international website here.

Use a block with a massive weight, not a massive footprint.