Duracrete Water Tanks

Why choose a Duracrete tank?

We are specialists in making precast concrete water tanks.  Our business has developed since 1965 and Duracrete is recognised as being a high quality product which offers building professionals and homeowners many benefits and advantages.

Our high strength tanks are designed for many applications – providing choice to the homeowner and builders alike.

Duracrete concrete tanks are high strength, – yet stylish products.

All Sectors
Suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Advantages of Duracrete Tanks

  • Provides a cool, clean and healthy environment for household water
  • Will not fail in the event of fire
  • Does not need protecting from stock
  • Does not require anchoring restraints in high wind areas
  • Can be buried or partially buried in confined or restricted situations - optimising use of available space
  • Manufactured from natural raw materials produced within New Zealand
  • Gain 10% more storage capacity with Duracrete 25,000L tanks compared to typical 22,500L tanks

Watch a Duracrete tank being manufactured 
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