4,500L Pumped Septic Tank with D25VA pump, high level alarm & cover – supplied to Trade Customers only.

Our dual chamber 4500L septic tank can also be fitted with a submersible pump in the second chamber. Our standard configuration is to use a small 0.25kW pump capable of pumping screened effluent to a land disposal area or discharge point which is above the sewer or tank.

Larger pump options are available, and our Wastewater Design Engineer, Gerald Lilley, can advise you on what pump would be best suited to your application.

The 4500L pumped septic tank comes with the pump and discharge assembly (mac union and non-return valve), and if required, a wooden post on the outside with an outdoor switch for the pump to plug into. The second chamber also has a high level float in it, in case of pump failure or power cuts.

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