About Duracrete

Duracrete Products Ltd as we are known today, is a Whangarei based, family owned and operated company that was founded in 1965 by Ron Garry.

In the past 50 plus years we have expanded to include 2 licenced manufacturers and most recently, in 2020, we have added another manufacturing facility in Wellsford. Find out more about this exciting addition here.


Originally known as Northland Tank Construction, the business specialized in the onsite production of hand plastered concrete water tanks. The company continued to manufacture hand plastered water tanks onsite throughout the rest of the 1960’s and 70’s and in 1980 Northland Tank Construction began constructing Water Tanks at a Whangarei based facility.

In 1983 the second generation arrived at this site, as Ron’s only son Ric came into the business.

In 1989, Northland Tank Construction relocated to a new premises in Whangarei, which we still occupy today. At this time the business became known as Garry Concrete Products. Garry Concrete Products continued to manufacture hand plastered concrete water tanks throughout this period.

In the year 2000, Duracrete was born. Through Ric’s vision and determination, the company introduced New Zealand to Self-Compacting Concrete technology that at the time was already well advanced in Europe. Part of this technology was the use of galvanised, steel fibres. These fibres not only add to the overall strength of the concrete but ensure that our tanks meet Australian and New Zealand standards for concrete water storage. Our mould technology was also developed to ensure greater efficiencies in the production of our tanks, reducing manual labour for our valued staff members. These innovations allowed us to build stronger, more robust water tanks with a greater storage capacity than the industry standard of 22,500L.

Duracrete was ahead of its time in New Zealand and was fast becoming the industry leaders in precast concrete water tank manufacturing. In 2003 The NZ Concrete Technology Award was presented to us for the development of self compacting concrete technology in producing precast concrete tanks.

In 2008, Bowers and Son Ltd of Te Awamutu became our first licenced manufacturer of Duracrete Products.
They are family owned and still going strong today, manufacturing and supplying the Waikato area with quality service and Duracrete products.

In 2011, Duracrete began manufacturing our Cleanstream TXR Sewage Treatment System. The CleanStream TXR is a complete, one tank textile media treatment system. Its multi-chambered design consists of 2 septic stages, a textile filter stage and irrigation and re-circulation stages. A fully alarmed system that uses 1 kilowatt of power per day. We also have an experienced and professional service team travelling the streets of Northland ensuring that our Cleanstream TXR Systems are working to their optimum performance for our valued customers.

In 2015, the third generation arrived, with Ric’s youngest daughter Gemma and her husband, Craig, joining the business.

Also, in 2015, Duracrete products Ltd became the New Zealand licence holders of an American based retaining wall product from, Redi-Rock International. In doing so, Duracrete joined over 130 worldwide licence holders and introduced New Zealand to a high quality, mass block retaining wall system with a proven track record throughout the world.

In 2018, Wright Tanks of Palmerston North joined the Duracrete family in becoming our second licenced manufacturer. Wright Tanks are also family owned and have a strong reputation for providing quality service and products of their own.

Duracrete Products Ltd strive to provide top quality customer service and products. We employ local staff and welcome them into our ever growing and evolving family.

In 2020, we completed construction and begun production of our products at our Wellsford facility. The development of this facility has been 2 years in the making and is designed to service the Rodney and North Auckland regions.