Underground Water Tank - 25000 litres

$5425 + GST. Delivery cost not included.

The Duracrete Under Ground tanks allow optimum use of space around properties, particularly for small sections where the footprint is limited. The tanks can be covered with 300mm of topsoil and can take the weight of a standard family vehicle – around 2500kgs.

  • This tank roof has been reinforced and can take the weight of 300mm of topsoil and a family vehicle.
  • Convenient easy connection points.
  • Bolted lid access for security, particularly useful when young, inquistive children are around. Provides peace of mind.
  • The roof is completely sealed to ground water contamination. This protects your household drinking water.
  • Storage capacity – 25,000L  – this is 2500L more than the industry standard 22,500L tanks on the market.
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