4,500L Dual Chamber Septic Tank – $3200 plus GST. Delivery not included.

Used as a primary treatment device, our 4500L septic tank comes in a dual stage, non powered configuration.

The septic tank is designed to handle incoming wastewater from the dwelling or building and allow detention time for settling of sludge and the formation of scums. The sludge layer allows bacteria to help break the waste down.

An effluent filter located on the outlet of the tank helps to protect the land disposal area. The filter has its own access cover, and can be cleaned either at the time the septic is pumped out or at any interval the client wishes. The filter prevents small particles of waste from entering the soil absorption area and prolongs the life of the land disposal area.

Septic tanks are suitable for many soils, and their use requires specialized design especially for building consent. Duracrete’s Wastewater Design Engineer, Gerald Lilley, can advise on septic tanks and match the tank with appropriate land disposal systems such as shallow trenches or Evapotranspiration seepage beds (or ETS beds).

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