4,500L Syphon Septic Tank with AutoFlow syphon – supplied to Trade Customers only.

Duracrete’s 4500L dual chamber septic tank can have a syphon fitted in the second chamber. Primary, treated effluent enters the second chamber of the septic after passing through the effluent filter located in the first chamber. The treated effluent then builds up in the second chamber until the top of the syphon is tripped. Then a set amount of effluent leaves the chamber via the syphon action, discharging into the land disposal area.

The set amount allows a single dose at a time, discharged to the land, and then there is resting of the disposal area. Syphons are appropriate in soils which may be of slow drainage, allowing time for the soil to absorb the treated discharge and a resting interval, prior to the next dose.

Syphons are non-powered, with no moving parts. The syphon is installed in the tank at our factory prior to delivery.

A key requirement of good syphon operation is having enough fall after the syphon outlet on the dual chamber septic tank. A minimum of 1.7m of fall should be available from the outlet of the tank/syphon, to the start of the disposal area (more if possible).

Contact our Wastewater Design Engineer, Gerald Lilley, for further advice on the use of syphons and disposal system options.

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