CleanStream TXR

CleanStream is a complete, one tank textile media treatment system. Its multi-chambered design consists of 2 septic stages, a textile filter stage and irrigation and recirculation stages.

Unique Functions

CleanStream’s “SMART BOX” controller can detect excessive loading within the sewage system.

Typically this occurs through domestic use such as multiple washing loads or when occupant numbers grow and water use increases via showers, toilets, dishes, laundry. (A common experience in holiday home situations.)

How it Works

CleanStream is programmed to move into heightened activity mode to deal with extra loadings. Once cleared, the system reverts back to the original setting.


The homeowner has peace of mind knowing that overloads can be processed with little fuss.

The “SMART BOX” Controller helps prevent:

  • Overloading of the system
  • Unpleasant odours occurring around the home
  • Unnecessary and costly callouts by Service Providers.