Has CleanStream undergone testing at the National Testing Programme?

Are these types of sewage systems expensive to run?

The typical early model aerated systems tended to be costly to run. The CleanStream TXR is not.

Unlike aerated systems which are still around, the CleanStream has no air blower as part of its components. It is not required in the operation of the sewage treatment. As a result CleanStream does not have an air blower running 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – helping householders save on power bills.

But don't the pumps run constantly and use lots of power ?

No they do not.

The small pump which pumps the liquid sewage to the textile media runs for 30 seconds, 4 times an hour. The power to do this costs around 32 cents a day for less than a KW of power used.

Is the system noisy?

No, it is quiet as a mouse.

The system is buried 3m deep, well away from the household and filled with liquid / sewage.

My friends and family have warned me to avoid secondary treatment systems as they have had nothing but problems with them, including replacement pumps, call outs, servicing expenses and running costs. Will I get this from CleanStream TXR?

No, you will not experience these issues with CleanStream. Our third generation CleanStream system is designed to overcome these types of issue – and it does.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the North Island who enjoy the benefits of CleanStream.

The professionals within the building sector recognise the quality of CleanStream TXR and often specify and recommend CleanStream to their clients, knowing that they will have a high quality product for their homes and the peace of mind which comes with it.

I am considering choosing a system which use worms to treat the sewage. Why should I choose CleanStream instead?

Often people are attracted to worm systems because the idea of wee worms eating waste naturally appeals to them. They also like the idea of no power requirements and the glossy brochures are designed to be appealing.

However unless you are a “hands on” committed owner who likes to handle organisms which are swimming around in human waste, then these systems are not for everyone.

The less obvious aspect of these systems on properties, is the fact that the potential resale value for the property could be limited  – as not everyone is thrilled about getting their hands dirty and handling worms.

The worms are super sensitive to household waste and even people on medication with antibiotics can upset them and affect their habitat.