Why Choose Duracrete Tanks?

Why Duracrete Tanks are the Best

  • Two Duracrete Tanks have 11% or 5000L More Storage Capacity than Two Industry Standard Tanks
  • Manufactured from 80MPA Strength Concrete with 65mm Thick Precast Walls
  • Has Natural Buffering Effect on Acidic Water & Balances PH
  • Helps Prevent Corrosion of Household Plumbing
  • Concrete Tanks Provide Cooler, Natural, & Healthier Water Storage
  • Tank Features (completely sealed roof, bolted lid for safety, raised manhole riser, etc.)
  • Will not fail in the event of fire
  • Does not need protecting from stock
  • Does not require anchoring restraints in high wind areas
  • Can be buried or partially buried in confined or restricted situations – optimising use of available space
  • Manufactured from natural raw materials produced within New Zealand


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