Who better to service your CleanStream TXR than the company who manufactures it?

Duracrete have been servicing our very own Sewage Treatment Systems since October 2015, providing excellent customer service across the entire Northland area.

  • A thorough, standard service of our TXR Systems should take our professional and experienced Service Technician, approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • An annual service charge is $180 + GST for a TXR System.
  • For all Duracrete manufactured Cleanstream Airated Systems that require a 6 monthly service, the fee is $130 + GST per service.
  • As the manufacturer of the Cleanstream TXR and Cleanstream Airated Systems, Duracrete provides cost effective and professional servicing that is undertaken by knowledgeable Service Technicians, familiar with the processes of your system.
  • For peace of mind, contact us today to have your system serviced by Duracrete.